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FullMind Design provides customer-focused instructional design services. We use a simple and efficient instructional design process to collaborate with your instructional design team or serve as an outsourced instructional design consultant. Our objective is to understand your business and learning needs, define the end goal of instruction, and use the ADDIE Model of instructional design to deliver an effective user-friendly learning solution. Our instructional specialists and educational technology experts have experience working on multiple industries satisfying the whole range of business needs.


  • A team of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the fields of education, technology, and business affairs.
  • A pool of knowledge from our experience working in multiple industries, for a variety of business needs, using diverse technologies and targeting audiences of all sizes.
  • A systematic process to ensure that our solutions meet your business and learning objectives with maximum quality, minimal time and costs, and resulting in a satisfied customer.
  • Techniques to help us establish a strong and communicative relationship with Subject Matter Experts (SME), as well as a smart process to minimize the disruption of SMEs.
  • A variety of technologies and methods to provide access to information and instruction: Synchronous methods include classroom lectures; web conferencing or online classroom (audio, video, desktop sharing, whiteboards, chat, etc.); Asynchronous methods include blogs; wikis; discussion boards; web-based training (WBT); computer-based training (CBT); mobile-based training (MBT); and the associated technologies to support all of the above.
  • Rapid e-Learning Development for projects requiring quicker results; Custom e-Learning Development for projects requiring the inclusion of rich-media content (audio, narrations, video, animations, interactive components); Strategic e-Learning Development for longer term plans frequently-related to major corporate education initiatives or changes.
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